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Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal (Picture Book)

Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal (Picture Book)
SKU: MM-011

Dr. Toy Award Winner, Best Picks 2010! Joe the Monkey wants the SuperVine 3000! If Joe had the SuperVine 3000, then he could do the Loop-Dee-Loo and he's saving his money to get one. It's never easy saving money, particularly when his friend, Vargas the Vulture, tells him how much of his favorite candy he could get with the money he's saving. Find out if Joe can achieve his goal. Parents, our kids need to learn good money habits early so we don't have to break bad money habits later - when it may be too late. The Money Mammals help kids of all ages learn about the value of money, distinguishing between needs and wants, making choices, allowance and sharing, saving and spending smart. Parents/Teachers - Free Reading Guide available for download too! 32pp. Full color.

PRICE:  $5.99


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